First Python Conference in Zimbabwe

Plans are underway for the first Python Conference in Zimbabwe to be held this year. More information to be available on our website, which should be online soon.

Posted by Anna Makarudze on June 22, 2016, 1:57 p.m.

Unknown to us and many people in the Python community in Zimbabwe, some universities are already using Python to introduce programming to Computer Science students and teach data structures.This means we already have a huge audience for Python in Zimbabwe, who would benefit from a Python Conference.

We have already managed to establish a partnership with a local university to host us for our first Python Conference in Zimbabwe in September. We are also looking for possible sponsors for the event. We are planning on a mini-event, with at most 2 days of talks and workshops. We hope to have another Django Girls Harare event at the same time. We are looking for speakers who can share on Python application in the following areas:
1. Geo-computation and GIS,
2. Django
3. Data Science
4. Parallel and distributed computing.

We will be opening our call for proposals soon. Hope to see you in Zimbabwe in December!